Industrial Weighing

We offer industrial scales in all sizes and formats. We also offer terminals and software to control and monitor manufacturing processes. Specialized solutions for formulation, piece-counting and many other applications help to improve productivity and reduce errors. For many weighing applications, the process involves capturing data and integrating it into the weighing record, plus sending transaction information to a PC or printer. The weighing terminal software and communication interface must be capable of connecting to barcode scanners, external keyboards, remote displays and other devices. Our family of weighing terminals helps you create a well-integrated weighing system within your manufacturing operation. Tank, silo and machine-builder weighing applications require the ability to reliably and accurately interface weighing terminals with automation, material-requirements planning and manufacturing execution systems. Applications range from simple weight-data transfer to a plant network to complete control over a part of the manufacturing process via the weighing terminal. With our broad range of terminals, you can select the solution that fits your needs exactly.We offer stainless-steel scales and platforms which are designed for easy and fast cleaning with IP protections up to IP69k. They are fit for heavy wash-down applications and hygienically sensitive processes and can be used in a broad range of applications from checkweighing and portioning to counting. Choose the one that meets your process needs, whether you work with food, pharmaceuticals, or chemicals.Our industrial weighing solutions include the following: